For all your Beauty Needs


The Beauty Haven is proud to own and use its own Skin Care Range.

The range includes:

* Cleansers  - Gentle Foaming  or Softening Cream   

* Exfoliates - Gentle Day Scrub or Course Scrub

* Moisturisers -  Light Smoothing or

                              24/7 Rejuvenating                  

   Active Range  - Anti Ageing Cream or

                                 Active Moisture Intense          

                                 Active Eye Cream

* Serums - Revitalising Vitamin C or

                     Nourishing Anti-Ageing 


* Body Moisturiser

And so many more.

To find out more about these products or what else is in the range, call today.

Along with the Skin Care range

I* Juice Plus+ - Daily Essential Fruit & Vegetable,

                            in a vegan capsule.


The Beauty Haven can also do up a Gift Voucher for that special someone for a particular treament or a specific amount.