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             The International Body Wrap

 History Behind The International Body


            The therapeutic properties of Clay and natural minerals have            

 been known for centuries. And the origins of body wrapping

 dates back to the encient Egyptain Pharoahs when people  

 would apply mud from the Nile, wrap themselves tightly with

 reeds and then lie in the sun.

 After 12 years of distributing The Universal Contour Wrapä,

 Totally U Australia Pty Ltd researched and developed the new

 “International Body Wrapä”. It consists of a concentrated   

 formula packed with minerals for maximum results.



How The International Body Wrapä  Works & & How It Will Benefit You!


The International Body Wrapä  process involves wrapping the body from head to toe (a bit like an

EgyptianMummy) with special Body Wrap bandages which have been soaked in an all-natural clay solution. The clay

leaves the skin tissue compressed and the skin appears rejuvenated resulting in a smoother and firmer more

toned skin.



The International Body Wrapä   leaves the skin more tones and improves the appearance of the skin.

The treatment results in the body ending up smaller and trimmer and more toned, without any weight loss.


The number of centimetres you lose will vary from person to person, and its not always dependent on your size

As you do not have to be overweight to benefit from this treatment.  We recommend clients take a course of

3 wraps 7 – 10 days apart..


Guarantee loss of 6 inches/15cms across the body from the

All Natural Sea Clay wrapping process.

We guarantee Detoxification - leaving your skin feeling totally rejuvenated.