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Ear Candling


This is a breakthrough technique for you and your children if experiencing:

*Hearing loss

*Fungal infection

*Sinus Pain




*Glue Ear - Swim Ear

*Tinnitus - Ringing in the Ears

*Nervous Tension - Foggy Head

*Pre any Post Travel Re-Balaning

*Excessive Wax Build Up

*Toxic Residue from Medication

This Procedure is completely PAINLESS and SAFE & is an alternative to rinsing the ears and sometimes the need to insert gromments.

The Ceruminous Glands of the ear are constantly secreting wax and candid grows prolifically in the ear because it is dark and moist. This impacted junk and residue of past infections will remain in your ears until it is drawn out.


This ancient remedy has been used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Hopi Indians and is still widely used in Europe.

The narrow end of the candle is held gently into the ear canal The other end is lit and the flame creates a relative vacuum in the ear which draws out poisons, old wax and residues of past infections.

This treatment takes approximately 20 minutes per ear.

We recommend doing both ear in the same session.

This information is not intended as medical advice,  diagnosis or prescription. You are advised to seek medical help if you have an ongoing problem.

Cheryl has completed a comprehensive course in Ear Candling.

For more information or to book an EAR Candling session please call Cheryl

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